Our Services

Enterprise Solutions
To maximize your business our company can develop the complete enterprise solution. Our developing experience bases on Java Enterprise Edition technology with use of JBoss - the most popular Java application server. We are ready to create or integrate Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and Enterprise Content Management systems. If you need more customized software, we can offer you a wide range of e-commerce solutions as well as web portals and communities sites development services.

Web 2.0 Applications
Starting in front of the growing online B2B partnership trends and web based applications our company can deliver any software type you need: applet, complete web page or desktop application. We also deliver and mantain Drupal / Joomla based applications. The internet already is and always will be a place where company must be represented. With our experience we are sure we can help you achieve your primary goals.

Management & Monitoring Software
If you need to manage or monitor complex processes and you want to have a central place for this - once again we can give you a hand. Desktop or web based management software integrates all necessarry data into single application. Describe you needs to us and we will be more than happy to deliver you what you need.

Mobile Applications
The need of being in touch with the business also outside the office boosts sales of smartphone devices. As an answer to this new and exciting branch of IT technologies our company offers mobile applications with all advantages of instant data availability, integration with business systems, video and voice transmissions. Any e-commerce page or e.g. EPR system can be accessed from mobie application, what allows you to spend more time where you want feeling convenient, that you are able to react on time.